About Us

What is EPAL?
EPAL is the most preferred Euro pallet manufacturer in Europe. EPAL is the only active pallet organization in Europe that regulates the open Euro pallet exchange pool and quality assurance of exchangeable pallets. As an international, independent organization with a network of national committees in 19 countries, it is the most preferred environmentalist, convertible, renewable palette brand in Europe and the world.

What is TEPAL?
It is All EPAL Pallet Manufacturers Quality Association. The headquarters of our association, whose short name is TEPAL, is in Istanbul. Our Association is Turkish National Committee of European Pallet Association (EPAL eV.) which is headquartered in Germany.  Founded in 2010, TEPAL conducts studies in coordination with EPAL eV. Management.

What is the Purpose of TEPAL?
The purpose of TEPAL is to carry out the EPAL license application process of its members, and to provide assistance and achieve solidarity by establishing communication and cooperation between TEPAL members carrying out production and repair operations under EPAL license and EPAL eV. It provides assistance to its members   for the protection of the required standards of EPAL / EURO pallets and Metal Boxes / Gitter Boxes manufactured in Turkey. The association follows the legal process in cooperation with EPAL eV for those who make unlicensed manufacture and / or repair of EPAL products; it also follows the legal process in cooperation with EPAL eV when the international EPAL quality standards are not complied with in licensed enterprises.